Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have a silver bangle bracelet that Steve gave me while living in Hawaii, it says Kuuipo which is Hawaiian for sweet heart. Its a placeholder bracelet for the gold one with a Hawaiian transaltion of the meaning of my name that I am holding out for. The sound needs no translation since the consonants and vowels in Kellie are frequently usued in Hawaiin. It might be better spelled as Kele, but the sound is almost identical. So rather than just converting the spelling of my name, I asked my friend Naomi a Hawaiian language proffesor to help translate the meaning of my gaelic name to Hawaiin. It means Battle maiden, or fearless woman in Irish, so how does that translate in Hawaiin? Kawahinewiwo'ole is how. It means the woman with the brave face. I like it, it rolls easily from the tongue and sounds pleasant to the ear and it reminds me of another favorite from Hawaii, Braddah Iz...Isreal Kamakawiwo'ole...I think its time to put his cd in my car stereo, the weather is warm and the time is right to sing about the white sandy beaches of Hawaii....oh and about the quilt block...its a maile and pikake lei, just the sort of thing you might where to get married in. I miss the smell of the pikake blossoms, but have found that the hawthorns of South Cackalacka smell just as good!