Thursday, August 9, 2012

Making a Deposit in My Karmic Account

There is something about the idea of Karma that I like.  I like the notion that you can do something good or nice and that someday in some way it will come back to you.  Or at least offset the bad Karma that we are all too often willing to rack up.  As a Christian I do give pause to consider how it all fits into my own theology and I am ok with it, because be we Christian, Bhudist,  Muslim or whatever  I think there are certain inescapable truths that all faiths recognize because they are part and parcel of the universe we inhabit and that God created.  So call it Karma or the Golden Rule, or "do unto others..."There is merit in doing something good even if it's only in the pleasure of doing it.   Somehow I think there is more to it though and what goes around really does come around.
    While in Hawaii I picked sea glass whenever I could and learned a thing or two about it, like which colors are the most rare...I had a bunch of bits of stained glass in just the sorts of colors that you scarcely find in sea glass so I took them and ground the sharp edges off on my grinder and then tossed them into the surf at my favorite glass beach, near a rocky spot where no one would walk or swim.   One day one of those bits of red or orange glass etched by the waves and sand to a sugary frost will roll up with the incoming tide and somebody will go home with a rare treasure.
    Another deposit in my Karmic account is turning out to be an annual thing.  Last year I happend to look at my parsely plant that I had growing in a pot on the patio and noticed it was alive with catepillars!  I had not picked the parsely in ages so I figured somebody might as well have the benefit of it and left the catepillars to eat their fill.  They did, they ate it all clean down to the nubbins.  I thought it was gone for good, but no, it grew back even better than before after the catepillars moved on to fresh pastures.  Well, yesterday I looked at the very same parsley plant that I had wintered over in the house and there are no less than 11 catepillars on it.  So I am doing what I did last year and giving it over to them.  I consider it my own very literal butterfly garden.  In a few days the parsely will be gone, and so too the caterpillars, but my Karmic account will be topped up and before the summer is out, I will get to see a surfeit of butterflies, and all the parsley I could want.